We've modernised our recruitment support, why haven't you?

We provide small to medium size company’s the recruitment support, real-time system access & expertise to secure new talent fast.

What you receive

Real-time access into the intelligence gathering process

When we recruit for you, open a link to receive instant access to an Applicant Tracking System.

Coupled with our support to streamline and revolutionise your hiring process, we provide you the best opportunity to engage talent fast.    

We Deliver Multiple Campaigns

We can manage up to ten talent campaigns per quarter, create custom pipelines for different positions, then tailor the hiring stages to fit the role specifics.




Getting started is easy – we’ll send you an email link. You can now independently monitor all candidate submissions,  alternatively only be notified when we’ve finalised your shortlist.


We are experts at maximising the use of online channels while targeting individuals. To understand more, get in touch to receive our online proposal.


Easily review who we’ve spoken to and where we’ve looked.  Consider the short list, including the depth of additional screened candidates within your pipeline.

Receive more inbound applicants with a Career Portal

Why use Talent4you for your support?

Save over 80%* on the rates recruitment companies often charge with Talent4you.


Cost Benefit Analysis.

  • Talent4you
  • Internal Recruiter
  • Outsourced Recruitment

– Example. 10 new employees introduced over 3 months.
– Internal recruiter: Salary $85k p/a + 15% agency outsourced (15% fee).

Advertising Reach

We broadcast to the best job sites on the planet and fine-tune audiences with premium sites, tailored to fit a specific position.

Visualize Hiring

We create custom pipelines for different positions and tailor the hiring stages in each pipeline to fit the roles’ specific needs. 

Reporting & Analytics

We make compliance a no-brainer with one-click EEOC, OFCCP, and GDPR reporting. Use Source Reports to get actionable hiring intel or sync with your favorite BI tool

Hiring Managers

There’s no limit on the number of Hiring Team members accessing the talent intelligence.

Careers Pages & Referrals

We encourage inbound applicants & extend your employer brand with both a Career and Employee Referral Portal.

Source Analytics

Track  views, visits, applications and quality hires we are getting from each source.

Video Assessments

Uncover new insights when we ask candidates to answer your question in a short video format.


Your Campaign

Get in touch to discuss your own unique company requirements

Recruiting The Old Way

To many unsuitable resumes, time wasting interviews and often expensive outcomes.

Modern Outsourcing

Review each stage of your pipeline or video replay a shortlisted candidate. When it suits you, interview & employ any number of professionals.

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Or to help you hire the best talent, complete our actionable.