Real-time performance insight into Search, Delivery and Candidate Experience.

At Talent4you we’ve cut through the lack of transparency often associated with outsourced agency involvement, enabling your company a delivery process that is transparent, cost effective and efficient. 

Our Features

1. Video Introductions

Video provides hiring managers a quick and easy way to review a candidate’s presentation, motivation & cultural fit in order to simplify the early stages of your recruitment process.

2. Branding

Branded advertising, company video introductions or editorial messaging, it’s our aim to educate and engage.



3. Locked Talent

Candidates remain in your Talent Pipeline and available for future consideration.


4. Proactive Search

We’ll monitor the talent market often developing relationships in advance of a needy requirement.

5. Performance

Until we deliver a successful campaign, performance fees are not requested.


6. Real-Time Insight

Measure our performance as it’s happening. Learn who we are speaking to and where we’ve looked. 


real-time performance insight into search, delivery and candidate experience.

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Visual Analytics   

Monitor Costs


Review Performance


Establish Tested Strategies


Measure Channels


Consider Talent Pool


Review Feedback



We wanted to provide a recruitment solution that’s transparent, cost effective and efficient. Get in touch to learn how we can centralise your companies Talent needs.

 Use video. Save time. Improve reach.

In the office or on the go, Talent4you provides solutions to help deliver recruiting efficienciences.


 Use video & improve your reach.

In the office or on the go, Talent4you provides delivery solutions to thelp drive recruitment efficienciences.

 Use video & improve your reach.

Use a visual medium to quickly understand  applicant’s who are unable to interview in person.

 Branded content.

Video’s are branded to suit your business.  Interview questions can be tailored to suit your needs.

 Use video & Save time.

Quickly pre screen applicant submissions or save for a future consideration.

A professional Recruiter to oversee your campaign.

Your Recruiter meets you, and then manages promotion, screening, delivery and analysis. Our support continues until your next employee starts.