Support that always starts with unfiltered access into each recruitment process.


What should a dedicated campaign look like & cost?

 Optional Talent Strategies

Kickstart your next recruitment search.

How we rapidly start a campaign and deliver talent support to your business.

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Within 24 hours, you will receive a targeted list of professionals we’ll engage for you.


Hiring Managers gain access to monitor the targeted network we are developing for you.


We understand how to leverage premium career channels. Improve your campaign with paid promotion. 


Receive introductory notes & updates.
Review tailored questionnaire.
Replay video interviews.
Request online interviews.

Leverage the use of modern technology. 

We use Multi Media
Raise awareness of your business
Review your candidate pipeline
Educate and attract job seekers

We use Multi Media

Replay a scheduled screening interview, personal video introduction or request us to schedule an online video interview.

Raise awareness of your business

Get access to an Investment Adviser, when it suits you. Discuss your ideas, questions and thoughts on your portfolio, on your terms.

Review your candidate pipeline

Need a candidate fast? You retain access to the candidates we’ve screened as suitable for further consideration.

Educate and attract job seekers

Attract job seekers to your business so you can now have an active list of candidates before you need to hire.

Flexible Strategies to suit your everyday hiring needs

What’s your current requirement?

Single Campaign

I need to employ one new staff member

Multiple Campaigns

I need multiple employees

Software + Support

Software subscription + free recruitment campaign

The convenience of a dedicated recruiter working for you. After you decide to hire, for any potential future hiring considerations, you retain account access to review all candidates.

Employ multiple staff in the shortest possible timeframe while centralizing your talent acquisition function.

Software onboarding and training before you take full control of future hiring needs.

Talent Support Schedule

All Talent4you plans include the tools and features to target, communicate and deliver a recruitment strategy for your employment needs.



Single Hire

from $580+ 15% fee

Multiple Hiring

from $580+ $2,200 month

Software Subscription

from $190/Month

Access to T4Y Search*
Targeted Campaigns
Premium Advertising
Recruiter + Sales Navigator
Ongoing targeting
Ongoing pipeline management
Delivery Service
Multiple Hiring Managers
Real-time Interface access
Candidate Questionnaires
Recorded video meetings
Pipeline Management
Reference checks
Retain candidate pipeline
Employer Branding
Company Careers Page
Recruitment Support Talent4you does it for you Talent4you does it for you 4 Weeks Talent Support
(Software setup & training)


Frequently asked questions

Why our support model is  transparent? 

After years of recruiting, we understand the importance of sharing information before you make any hiring decisions.

With access into the pipeline of candidates, your business now has the flexibility to consider more candidates faster (often in advance of a needy requirement).      

Who can access the Hiring Company talent pool?

Your Hiring Managers and the Talent4you Account Manager are the only individuals with access to your candidate activity. If you decide on Software Subscription & Training, your Talent4you AM will have access only for the training period (after setup, you can revoke our access at any point).    

We can train you on the software we use.

We understand companies also prefer to recruit without the use of professional external expertise. Unfortunately without the tools and market insight, company’s can often find this process protracted and more difficult than anticipated.

We provide sophisticated yet simple to use software and to start, we can integrate this into your business with free recruitment support.

More ways we can enhance your recruitment strategy

Shortlisting & Selection

Need help screening applications, or conducting behavioural, skills and psychometric testing? Choose a shortlisting solution to identify your top candidates.


Recruiting Software

This state-of-the-art Candidate Management System makes it easy to review applications and retain visibility over the process.


Employer Branding & Consultancy

Want to distinguish your organisation as an employer of choice? Discover how to build your brand to attract and retain top talent.


Marketing & Advertising

Are you reaching the best talent? Expert copywriting and a targeted advertising strategy ensure your opportunity reaches the best candidates available for maximum ROI.


Take control of company hiring costs with ongoing support

Save over 80%* on the rates recruitment companies often charge with Talent4you.


Cost Benefit Analysis.

  • Talent4you
  • Internal Recruiter
  • Outsourced Recruitment

– Example. 10 new employees introduced over 3 months.
– Internal recruiter: Salary $85k p/a + 15% agency outsourced (15% fee).

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