Why we exist?

After considering the Recruitment industry and gaining feedback from our clients, we understood they wanted more than a great candidate. They wanted to know who we spoke to, where we located them, and who else could be 'tapped on the shoulder' in the future. 

We already new our clients were open to a service arrangement that was low cost, professional and performance driven, so we put this into place too. 

We hope you enjoy our progressive approach to company hiring!  



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What is Talent4you?

Talent4you provides low cost Recruiting solutions. Our services span individual remit’s or 13 week ‘volume’ support.

How do we start?

We are interested to understand your competitors, prior hiring strategies, company culture and employees who you would consider a strong bench mark for future hiring. For these reasons, we will meet with you to understand each requirement.   

Upfront Costs?

Advertising costs are paid in advance. If we are unable to locate a suitable candidate, our performance fee will not be requested. 

For ongoing support (10 campaigns per quarter) our service fee is required in advance. Costs associated with premium advertising will be additional.

What makes us unique?

1. The use of our live analytics allows you to review talent, while also monitoring campaign results.

2. Unlike traditional recruitment companies, our ‘Terms of Business’ restrict us from submitting candidates to another business (while they are in your companies talent funnel). 

What's a campaign cycle period?

We suggest a 21 day hiring campaign. During this period, candidates are screened, shortlisted and submitted ASAP.  

At the completion of each campaign, depending on the strength of applications, we’ll continue to book interviews, liaise with candidates and Hiring Managers until the process has drawn to it’s conclusion.        


Want a new hiring support feature included for your business? Need help? Get in touch – people are our business! 

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We’re based in Sydney, Australia.