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About Talent4you?

Talent4you provides real-time performance insight into search, delivery and candidate experience.

We believe we’ve cut through the lack of transparency often associated with agency involvement, allowing your company a delivery process that’s transparent, cost effective and efficient.

How do we start?

We are interested to understand your competitors, prior hiring strategies, company culture, divisional weaknesses or hire turn over areas, and cross over of skills and current employees who you would consider a strong bench mark for future hiring. For these reasons we will ideally meet with you to understand your requirement.   

Upfront Costs?

1. For a specific ‘skill set’ search, we request 1/3 upfront however if we are unable to locate a suitable candidate to hire, performance fees are not requested. In addition, should your business require (first time customers only) live dashboard analysis, our tailored solution requires initial software costs to start. 

2. For ongoing recruitment support (up to ten campaigns per quarter) a service fee is requested.

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What makes us unique?

1. The use of reporting dashboards enables you to also receive a visual snapshot of the talent market we’ve engaged and the success of each campaign.

2. Unlike traditional recruitment companies, our Terms of Business restrict us from submitting candidates to another business while they are in your talent funnel. This approach, confirms our commitment to you as a customer while increasing the levels of success. 

campaign cycle period?

For a specific recruitment need, we suggest a 21 day campaign. During this period candidates are screened, shortlisted and submitted ASAP. 

If you decide to employ multiple candidates, no additional costs are incurred. 

At the completion of each campaign and depending on the strength of the candidates, we’ll continue to book interviews and liaise with both candidates and managers until the process has drawn to it’s conclusion.        


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We’re based in Sydney, Australia.

We've cut through the lack of transparency often associated with outsourced agency involvement, enabling your company a delivery process that is transparent, cost effective and efficient.