Recruiting multiple positions relating to divisions within your business.


Review resumes, cover letters, conduct video or phone interviews to identify the most suitable candidates for immediate hiring manager notification.

Market Map

Market map individuals within your competitor market, while monitoring and reporting on the employment status of key people for you.


Manage the interview scheduling process. Provide candidate feedback and reaffirm a candidates commitment to the process. Provide constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

Talent Pipeline

Manage and help improve relationships with current and potential future job candidates.


Advertise on paid premium job platforms when other methods have been exhausted.

Gather competitive intelligence

Gather competitive information about your firm’s direct and indirect competitors, including strategies, plans, practices and people.

Careers Portal Chat

Reply to direct applicant enquiries, via careers portal chat. Gathering intelligence and responding in a timely professional manner.


Talent Interface

Hiring Managers can review every application, the source, notify team members, review recruiter notes, request video submission or request video interviews.


    • Unlimited number of hiring team members.
    • Account Managed by Talent4you recruiter.
    • Guaranteed same day response to candidate applications.
    • Guaranteed broader consideration for candidates with additional team suitability.
    • Proactive communication between all parties.
    • Hiring managers gain access to view all submissions and communicate with Talent4you recruiter.
    • Monthly analysis and reporting.
    • Account managed by Talent4you.


Career & Employee Referral Portal

To encourage inbound applicants and further your employer brand, we provide a fully branded Career and Employee Referral Portal.


  • One-click apply from job boards.
  • Embeddable widget or API for full customization.
  • Fully mobile optimized.
  • Employee testimonials & team sections, video & photo galleries to help share a sense of your working environment.
  • Employee Referral Portal.

Getting Started

  • One-on-one user interface training with hiring team members.
  • Monthly one-on-one hiring team meeting.
  • Company Careers Page implementation
  • Position Description and advertising creation.
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