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As we start to rebuild after the global pandemic, many SMBs need to recruit, but they’re receiving hundreds (if not thousands!) of applications. Who has time to review them all?

Now is the time for SMBs to use their time and resources efficiently.

With so many candidates in the talent market applying for roles, and without the technology to assess mountains of applications that can take weeks to review, there’s a big chance you’ll miss out on reaching your top candidates. 

To help you solve these challenges, get the help you need with easy-to-use, cost-effective recruitment software, so you don’t miss out on making the best possible hire and save valuable time and resources.

Talent4you Partnership


Generally, investing resources in recruitment software can be out of reach for many SMBs but with Talent4you, you can have access to a fully implemented system, managed by us (when you need us) and still achieve incredible ROI with a low-investment subscription model. For teams with limited HR resources, Talent4you provides you the support so you can save time and effort without wading through an influx of unsuitable applications.

What will Talent4you help you achieve?


Post Jobs easily

We provide software that integrates with your website and top-tier job boards. We will create, edit and post job ads for you. 


Build your workflow, your way

Assign candidates with statuses and tags (for example, ‘contacted’, or ‘interview booked’). Allow your hiring managers to get notified and view great candidates within minutes of their application.

Create a seamless candidate experience

Guide candidates to a central, branded job ad and deliver a consistent application experience.

Communicate with the click of a button

Use branded templates and send batch communications to multiple candidates.

Rate and rank applications

Review candidate responses to your tailored screening questions to quickly identify top candidates in your talent pool. You can even use simple automations to shortlist candidates faster.

Connect with more candidates

Create an ongoing expression of interest form to build a talent pipeline of great candidates for future roles. Report on which advertising channels perform the best for you

Talent Acquisition Software Interface

Branded Company Careers Page