Shortlisting your talent pool
Select the best candidates
Quickly identify your top candidates
Attracting quality talent is just the start of the recruitment process. Save yourself time and stress. Identify the key criteria you’re looking for in your ideal candidate, and we’ll take the hard work our of screening and shortlisting your talent pool for you.
End-to-end shortlisting or one-off solutions
Our rigorous selection process saves you time and gives you peace of mind, ensuring you find the right person for the job.


Your applicants are screened, rated and ranked based on your suitability criteria.



Receive a neat shortlist of your top candidates with their video interviews, resume and online applications to review anytime, anyplace.


You get the final say. Decide which candidates to progress with to second-stage interviews, with the option to hand back to us to conduct testing, checks, background and reference checks.